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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















    Yogashala opens 10-minutes prior to each class. No late/early entry or early departure. Limited Classes 6/20-6/30 Re-Opening 7/1. 

      Inner High Yogashala is an ever evolving yoga community in based in  Riverwest, Milwaukee, WI, USA half of the year and SE Asia the other half.  Founded in June 2020, we provide shala (studio) & virtual yoga classes, yoga & meditation retreats, thai-bodywork and reiki. We also host special events like kirtan, ecstatic dance, sound bath, outdoor yoga and Bike2Yoga. We share yogic knowledge as a holistic lifestyle and  do our best to help our students develop and transform through dedicated

practice of these ancient methods and modern, inclusive wisdom. 


      Beginners are always welcome, as we are able to adapt the practice to each individuals needs, while still integrating everyone into the group energy! Our Milwaukee shala hosts a quaint 7 students, while our outdoor and retreat classes accommodate up to 20 students. We have a no tolerance policy for 

bigotry or discrimination of any kind and our bathroom is an all-gender restroom. 
      We host asana, pranayama and meditation classes 6 days a week. We encourage daily practice of the yamas and niyamas. We are closed Mondays for rest and Moondays, full and new moons,

are reserved for a quiet yin practice & mindful meditation.


      Our teachers have are dedicated yogis with years of practice and experience teaching around the world. We are here to invite you to this transformational practice that carries off your mat and into your world.  
      Ashtanga (the 8-limbs of yoga) suggestions on on how to live a playful, meaningful and purposeful life. Each limb is guide of suggestions in ethical conduct and self-discipline by directing the awareness toward one's health; and they help us to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of our nature.
Life is play, and we are part of the dance; an integral part.
The sooner this is realized the sooner we can feel liberation in our energy.  

      At IHYS, we focus on integrating all eight limbs of yoga as a healthy lifestyle and practice. We also incorporate themes from nature, astrology, and east-west psychology & philosophies into our teaching and into our BEing. 
      Many of our students become our extended soul family. We as teachers take the time to know and truly connect with our students and their yoga practice, as well as before and after class.
     At Inner High Yogashala & Retreats, we provide exceptional, compassionate yoga instruction for a liberated life.  We also provide reiki energy work and Thai bodywork by appointment.


      We are located in Milwaukee, SE Wisconsin May-September and SE Asia October-April. If you are interested in joyful retreats abroad follow us on instagram and check back on this site! 


      Summer in Milwaukee also brings us the ability to host outdoor classes, sound baths and kirtan once again among nature's abundance. Check our web calendar and instagram for upcoming sessions and sign-up! 
      To learn more, simply browse through our site or sign-up for a class today. Send us a message if you have questions. Pre-registration is always required. 
      Tat Tvam Asi. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
      Rae Bu Luck, Shala Owner & Teacher